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JDM K24A SWAP 8TH GEN CIVIC SI – Part 2: Engine Removal

Getting Started After sourcing our JDM K24A engine assembly it was time get started wrenching to pull the original K20Z3 out of our FG2 2010 Honda Civic Si Coupe. Pulling an engine is not a short workday evening project, but requires a considerable amount of planning and/or time and tools beyond what fit in the…

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JDM K24a swap 8th gen Civic Si – Part1: The Engine Hunt

The Perfect Upgrade Honda’s RBB K24A engine is a perfect upgrade compared to the K20Z3 in a daily driven 2006-2011 Civic Si. While the engine does not maintain the square bore/stroke ratio that allow the K20’s to easil achieve 10k RPM glory, the added torque (+ 30 lb·ft) due to the deep stroking 2.4L adds…

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