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Driveway “Any Header” B Series Catalytic Converter

There are two choices for anyone who wants to run a big 2.5″ collector header on a OBD2 Honda. Cheat or get a custom catalytic converter. We document a catalytic converter solution for the Honda B Series engine in Civic and Integra chasis that we have used for many vehicles needing to trully pass emisions…

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Skunk2 Alpha V2 Header Install – DC2 Integra GSR

In this project we install the Skunk2 Alpha V2 header for the B Series engine on a B Series engine, of course. Specifically in a classic 2001 Acura Integra GSR.¬† Build Parts and Tools Our Integra is OBD2 and needs to stay¬† compliant. However the original converter uses a smaller collector than the big boy…

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