PCI SPMS P1 Race Wing Install – 6th Gen Civic (Ek) Coupe

PCI makes a rear race wings used by top NASA Honda Challenge and SCCA Honda drivers. Together with their bracket solutions for common Honda and Acura chasis they are perfect and quick installation for a racer looking to balance front splitter down force.

The PCI SPMS P1 Race wing is simple looking. A standard air foil that comes in 48" and 59" lengths for multiple applications. The 59" length is perfect for Acura Integra and Honda Civic chasis, and is the minimum size on some civic coupe and Integra applications due to the width between uprights when using standard rear spoiler attachment points. The 48" is perfect for hatchback civic or high mount applications using a small splitter.

The P1 Race wing features aluminum structure in layered fiber glass skin. The aluminum structure allows it to be drilled for different upright(bracket widths).

Lets take a look at the install process of  a PCI rear race wing and bracket on a civic "Ek" coupe 1996-200. This process is identical for all 1992-2001 civic coupes(Eg/Ek) and sedans and 1990-2001 Integra's(Da/Dc).

Part and Tools



Install on trunk